Born in the 90s. Never left. This New Orleans based 3 piece band started playing music together during their high school years together in Houston, Texas. Their close friendship translates into the music they create in that it feels simple, … Continue reading

WE GOT A NEW WEBSITE! New things we have for you that we think are c00l: the posts on the home page are summarized so you can see more than one recent post each download page has a constantly updated … Continue reading

Today is a beautiful day my friends. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and the windows are open in New Orleans. Best of all, I’ve been hanging out with Stuck Lucky since 11 AM getting ready for The … Continue reading

In case if you were not aware, or even if you are…. Wall Street is currently being occupied in peaceful protest by American citizens. They need our support. As quoted from their site: OCCUPY WALL STREET https://occupywallst.org/ On the 17th … Continue reading

CLICK HERE OR THE PICTURE ABOVE FOR PRE-ORDER Murphy’s Kids have spent countless hours writing and recording this album in the comfort of their own home studio. Now it’s your turn to reap the benefits and become a part of … Continue reading