1. How long has Community Records been around?/Why are you doing this?!

  • Well, funny you should ask. Com Rec has been around since February of 2008. We celebrate our anniversary on Valentine’s Day every year. This label exists because we realized that if we/our friends want to continue making music, we were going to have to take the bull by the horns and do it ourselves. So, we put all our favorite bands under one “communal” umbrella and pushed it like our lives depended on it…because they do. We are not the first to do this either. Check out Asian Man and Quote Unquote Records to see what inspires us.

2. Why give away 99% of your music for free download?

  • For one, giving away the music for free allows us to reach an audience that is only restricted by the size of the internet…which is more or less endless. People all over the world can download this music for free and share it with their friends without having to buy music from a band which they’ve never heard.

3. Well why don’t you just stream it?

  • It is our opinion that giving the actual downloadable tracks to the listener not only breaks down a barrier between the musicians and fans, bringing them closer together, but also makes it easier for people to spread the music far and wide.

4. Whoa. This is awesome. How do I get this free music?! / How do I get it onto my computer?

  • Click on the “FREE MUSIC” tab silly. All of the Com Rec releases will be in front of your eyes in chronological order. Click the artwork or download link. The album will download as a .zip file. If your computer was made sometime after Napster…you should have an expander program like WinZip on your computer. Just double click the file and drag the MP3s into your iTunes or other preferred audio player. You can also copy and paste the files into any audio player to listen to them.

5. What exactly do you do for the bands?

  • Unless they ask to help, we generally let the bands handle the recording how they see fit. Our main tasks include paying for the records to be released on CD or Vinyl, promoting the bands and releases on the internet, and helping book tours. We’re also there for moral support, being a D.I.Y. band takes guts made of steel.

6. Where’s my TFT Vinyl?

  • Good question… Tabar?

7. Will you give a listen to my band? / Can I send in a demo?

  • We’re happy to hear any and all heartfelt music, especially if it’s from the people that support what we do. Please send demos to us / links to you band if you would like to. Our contact is listed on the bottom of the home page. Please know though, that we are already very busy with the bands on our roster. We will more than likely not be able to help “release” your music, but we do like hearing new stuff!

8.  I mail-ordered stuff from you all, is it on it’s way?

  • Most likely, yes. Community Records is run by just two people. D-Ray manages most of the mailorder. We usually do one big post-office trip a week. If you ordered something from us (that was not a pre-order) it usually takes between 2 to 3 weeks to arrive. If you ordered something and it has been over 3 weeks, please feel free to contact us. Usually orders do not slip through the cracks of our “to-do” list, but we are human and do make mistakes from time to time. Thanks for your support! Mail-order is what keeps this label going. 


4 Responses to FAQ

  1. Kit Benz says:

    Hello friends! My name is Kit, representing my band “The Fielding Mellish.” We are big fans of your label and the artists on your label. We played at Spaghettifest with Murphy’s Kids a few times so we love them. Anywho, give us a listen I hope you like it. If you’re interested in working with us, feel free to contact me. I hope you don’t mind getting funky.

  2. liu kang says:

    it seems mp3 is the only available format, whats up with that? there are some bands who’s music i can’t get a psychical copy of or download in a lossless format. namely pinstripe mafia and public access! listening to mp3 is like fucking yourself, its not the same as the real thing.

  3. community says:

    Hey Liu,
    we have physical releases for many of these albums, you can find them in the store. right here: http://communityrecords.org/store/

    Thanks for your interest. We certainly have some Public Access records for sure.

  4. Jon Norman says:

    Hi there.
    Firstly, I came across your blog about a year ago and have been following it ever since. Good stuff.
    Secondly, I have recently started recording a bit of music and have found that I quite enjoy it (despite my current ability to record being slightly shit). I was wondering if you could have a listen to the top (at the moment) song on my soundcloud called Burning Bright( http://soundcloud.com/jonnorman/burning-bright). It is the only original song up there at the moment. So far it has just been mates and such that have listened to it and it would be useful to have a proper critical/objective response to it. You lot clearly know what you are listening to and my tastes fit in pretty well with what you publish). I’m completely fine with being told it is crap if that is what it is 🙂

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